About Fairmined Certified Gold

I received Fairmined certified gold that can be turned into jewelry. The country of origin is Peru, and the gold trader is France. It was delivered by FedEx. Beautiful and shiny grain. Eac...
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R ETHICAL Journal Proposal Diamond

of proposal I received an order for diamonds. A straightforward, warm and kind person. I'm sure your partner is a wonderful person too. I haven't met you yet, but I can imagine it. W...
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R ETHICAL Journal Ethical Canadian Diamonds

Natural diamonds grown by the earth Earth was born 450 million years ago. Oxygen and sunlight, plants that perform photosynthesis, and unknown living things made their lives shine through cell...
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R ETHICAL Journal What is an ethical diamond?

What is ethical diamond? “Ethical diamonds” or “conflict-free diamonds” refer to diamonds that are responsibly mined and shipped without any association with rebel or terrorist groups. Diamonds a...
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