R ETHICAL Journal What is an ethical diamond?

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What is ethical diamond?

“Ethical diamonds” or “conflict-free diamonds” refer to diamonds that are responsibly mined and shipped without any association with rebel or terrorist groups. Diamonds are mined under ideal working conditions and treated fairly and fairly.

At R ETHICAL, we believe that proactively disclosing to our customers the details of our mining locations, polishing, and sorting processes is an important element in building trusting relationships.

Diamonds are loved around the world as precious assets that symbolize rarity, strength, and love. Guaranteed diamonds are often purchased to express love or to mark important milestones in life such as engagement, marriage, and celebrations, and guaranteed transparency is guaranteed not only in sorting and quality but also in the entire process, making them the brightest ethical diamonds. I am.

We are happy that our customers demand transparency. I want to know where and how products are sourced. We want to know if workers are treated fairly and if the production process is as environmentally friendly as possible. Because those thoughts and actions will create the future.

diamond traceability

Leading companies have already started investing in better technology.

The system involves etching each diamond with a laser-cut serial number linked to the diamond's country of origin, including all other information. Mining diamond mining company brands such as GIA Origin Report, Sarine Diamond Journey, Arctic Canadian, CanadaMark and Canada Diamond in Canada.

As an industry, many associations and organizations are leading the way and supporting these

There is also a digital solution called Clara that scans rough diamonds to create unalterable digital diamonds. Uses stone fingerprints to facilitate tracking and verification. R ETHICAL's diamonds are provided using our diamond certification and certification plate system.

Canadian Brilliance, a verification tool, verifies the authenticity and traceability status of diamonds. You can be assured that all professionally graded R ETHICAL diamonds are ethically sourced. This is very important for us to build further trust with our customers. Investing in reliable traceability systems, strategies, and technology is the best thing we can do.

Although not perfect, we believe it is a step in the right direction for sustainable and ethical mining.

What's an 'Ethical' or 'Conflict-Free Diamond'?

"Ethical diamonds" and "conflict-free diamonds" refer to diamonds that have been responsibly mined and shipped without any connection to rebel and/or terror groups.

These diamonds should have also been mined and handled under ideal working conditions without exploiting workers or the environment.

Ethical diamonds and conflict-free diamonds are just as important as the diamond's authenticity for the conscientious consumer.

We at R ETHICAL understand that it is our job to establish authentic communication between ourselves and our clients. Many see diamonds as valuable, beloved assets that often symbolize strong emotional and sentimental value. It is our responsibility to ensure that our retail partners are making the wisest possible choice with as much transparency as possible.

Why We Need to Start Investing in Traceability

Aside from the moral and ethical implications of supporting conflict-free diamonds, consumers nowadays demand transparency. They want to know how and where their products are sourced. They want to know if the workers are being treated fairly and if the production process is as environmentally friendly as can


As mentioned, diamonds are valuable, beloved assets. Most—if not all—consumers are happy to pay for diamonds that are responsibly mined and sourced. That's why ethical stores depend on us, the industry experts, to verify the authenticity of the stone.

No matter how experienced or well-connected one is, one cannot certify the origins and ethics of a diamond without traceability.

Leading companies have already taken it upon themselves to invest in better technologies, with many etching each diamond with laser-cut serial numbers linked to the stone's information, ie, provenance, country of origin, etc. Like GIA origin reports, Sarine Diamond Journey and mines like Arctic Canadian Diamond Mine Company brand CanadaMark and Canada's Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct


As an industry there are many associations and organizations leading the way and supporting these initiatives. Like the Responsible Jewelery Council RJC, World Diamond Council, Natural Diamond Council, Diamonds Do Good and Diamonds for Peace.

There is also a digital solution called Clara that scans rough diamonds to make an unalterable digital fingerprint for the stone, making it easier to trace and verify.

At Vantyghem Diamonds, we use our Diamond Certification and Authentication Plate System with our verification tool Canadian Brilliance to verify the diamond's authenticity and traceability status. This way,

We can guarantee that all professionally graded R ETHICAL are ethically sourced and individually verified. It's about our retailers building further trust with their customers.

Investing in reliable traceability systems, strategies, and technologies is the best way companies can support sustainable and ethical and mining practices.

It's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

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