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Shapes have meaning in people's impressions (perceptions), and this time I would like to delve deeper into shapes that we casually perceive. Among jewelry, diamonds and natural stones have a completely different impression depending on their shape.
Natural stones are formed from large rocks that are exposed to natural influences such as rain, wind, and water flow over a long period of time, but the power stones and gemstones that we see are further shaped from there.

It is said that stones created by human hands have energy in them, and there are different ways of understanding them depending on the era and culture, but this time we will introduce what kind of energy is contained in what kind of shape.

Since the round has no beginning or end, it has been thought to represent the vast universe since ancient times. Familiar natural objects such as the earth and the moon are often shaped like rounds.
Blocks the inflow of negative power and blocks the outflow of positive energy.

R ethical offers round ruby ​​earrings.
Its plump, round shape gives off a sense of intention, while also creating a softness.

If the round represents the universe, the square has represented the earth since ancient times.
In other words, the sense of stability of the earth.
It is said to be good to wear when you feel lost or lose confidence.

At R ethical, we have many items on hand, such as nude rings made of rectangular stones and rings made from square opals in 18K settings.

The trilliant shape is said to have the power to awaken masculinity and femininity. Although its shape is somewhere between masculine and feminine, it seems to have the effect of maintaining a balance between the two. It also helps people realize their potential.

At R ethical, we create rings using trilliant cut opals. Trilliant's attention to detail is outstanding even when it comes to earrings. Why not start with colored stones that are edgy yet relatively easy to incorporate?
Opal trilliant, which has the effect of ``liberating your individuality,'' will bring out your hidden talents and let you make the most of them.
Color also plays a role, and shape also has meaning.
Jewelry is profound.

We hope you can choose the jewelry that suits you based on the color, shape, and energy of the stone itself. When we look at your items, we carefully select the items that are most appealing to you.
On a journey to find something that shines together ❤︎

~About Rethical~
A minimal and elegant jewelry brand from Daikanyama that pursues the light and luster of K18YG and colored stones with a unique worldview. To women all over the world who embrace light and darkness and make their lives shine no matter what.

We use high-quality materials such as Fairmined certified gold K18, platinum, and unique precious and semi-precious stones. We also specialize in collaboration with international NGOs/foundations for a sustainable future.
The warmth of handmade craftsmanship expresses the core strength within the delicacy.

We hope that R ethical jewelry, like a prescription, will moisturize your heart and give you strength for the future.
So that you can spread your smile.

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