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The colored stones (precious stones and semi-precious stones) that we have are born underground or on the surface of the earth over thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, or even millions of years, and someday they will return to the earth. It returns and is reborn as a new colored stone...it is on a journey of many years.

We are moved by elements such as the transparency, overall balance, preference, and light reflection of colored stones (precious and semi-precious stones) that are created in this way, and are moved by their ``beautiful...'' qualities. In particular, ``color'' has a deeper psychological impact than you might imagine.

Colors have wavelengths, and it is said that we unconsciously receive these wavelengths. The ``light'' that the human retina can recognize, that is, ``visible light'', is received from objects in the form of reflection.

We have summarized the effects of colors, including what types of gemstones have different colors and what effects they have. Try incorporating it into your daily life according to your favorite color.

The color black refers to the state in which all visible light from violet to red is absorbed by an object, and no light is reflected.
The impression of black is stability, strength, and solidity. And a sense of luxury.
While it has the ability to absorb energy from the earth, it also retains negative energy such as fear and anxiety, so it is best to use it depending on your own mood.

Onyx is scheduled to be released from R ethical's new "Fluctuating Ring".
Representative colored stone ⇨ black onyx

Red gives the impression of passion, elegance, and vitality.
It is also useful as a color of confidence and leap forward, and is famous as a winning color.
If you wear it on days when you feel like ``I want to do my best today,'' you will receive special power. It is also said to protect you from evil spirits.

For R ethical, red is an important color that we love. It is said to protect itself, especially when incorporated into a ring.
Typical colored stones ⇨ ruby, garnet, red spinel

Yellow conveys the impression of hope, earthiness, intention, brightness, and energy. When you are attracted to yellow, it is a time when you can maintain yourself rationally and get along well with the people around you. It's a time to be blessed with human relationships.

At R ethical, we carry light citrine.
Typical colored stone ⇨ Citrine

Like the ocean and the blue sky, the color blue makes you feel calm and open. When you're feeling restless, wearing blue will help you stay calm. Please try.
Furthermore, blue has images of honesty, trust, cooperation, and freshness.
It is especially useful when you want to make your work or relationships go smoothly.

At R ethical, we carry beautiful blue topaz in nude earrings and nude rings. In addition, the collaboration necklace with SUSAN ROCKEFELLER is also decorated with small blue topaz.
Typical colored stones: blue topaz, aquamarine, larimar, paraiba tourmaline

Pink is said to enhance femininity, and is a color that carries romantic energy such as love, happiness, and youth. It is said that whether love is light or passionate, it is proportional to the shade of pink, so keep this in mind when you are confused about the color of colored stones. It is a stone that makes love come true.

R ethical, like many women around the world, continues to be fascinated by the color pink that makes love come true. We make a variety of jewelry, including pale pink nude rings and earrings, and deep pink tourmaline rings.
Representative colored stones ⇨Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, pink quartz, pink chalcedony

Purple has been valued as a noble color since ancient times. It is a color that gives an impression of spirituality, healing, luxury, and mystery. It is said that those who accept the vibrations of purple will awaken to spirituality and feel the presence of guardian spirits and a sense of unity with the mysterious universe.

At R ethical, we value amethyst, which is a color that lies between femininity and masculinity, as a color that creates various impressions. This is the color of iron plate when you want to wear both elegance and feminine impression.
Representative colored stone ⇨ Amethyst

When you think of something transparent or white, you imagine that it has no color, but in reality it's the opposite; it's made up of all the colors of visible light.

When you mix yellow, red, and blue, you get black (subtractive color method), but when you combine the three primary colors of light, red, green, and blue, you get white (additive color method).

For this reason, it is said that transparent and white colors contain the energy of all colors. It makes sense that it has a strong image of purification. The impression is that the color is pure, clean, reliable, and filled with the strength to keep dirt away. It is also a color of nobility and spirituality.

R ethical is fascinated by white and transparent colored stones such as diamonds and quartz. We believe that transparent and white colors that go well with any outfit bring out the best in the wearer.

Typical colored stones ⇨ Diamond, quartz, rutilated quartz


I would like to skillfully incorporate colored stones while objectively feeling the state of mind that seeks color.
Jewelry using R ethical colored stones will help you to exorcise evil spirits and surround yourself with positive energy so that you can live your daily life in a good state.

~About Rethical~
A minimal and elegant jewelry brand from Daikanyama that pursues the light and luster of K18YG and colored stones with a unique worldview.
To women all over the world who embrace light and darkness and make their lives shine no matter what.

We use high-quality materials such as Fairmined certified gold K18, platinum, and unique precious and semi-precious stones. We also specialize in collaboration with international NGOs/foundations for a sustainable future.

The warmth of handmade craftsmanship expresses the core strength within the delicacy.
We hope that R ethical jewelry, like a prescription, will moisturize your heart and give you strength for the future.
So that you can spread your smile.

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