R ETHICAL Fairmined Certified Gold License Renewal

R ETHICAL フェアマインド認証ゴールド ライセンス更新

R ETHICAL, the first company in Japan to adopt Fairmined certified gold, has recently renewed its license agreement with the international NGO Alliance Responsible Mining.

Through ARM, we protect people working in gold mines from a vulnerable society and provide education to ensure proper mining, fair compensation, and environmentally friendly mining.

In order to handle Fairmined Certified Gold, it is a prerequisite that you have obtained a license. The license includes due diligence by ARM, quarterly sales and purchase reports, and audits to prove that the brand is being managed appropriately.

For R ETHICAL, the positive circulation created by Fairmined Certified Gold is what we value the most. We will continue to place ethical initiatives at the core of our brand management and deliver the earth's blessings in the form of jewelry.

Fairmined ID number: JP30001

Audit date: November 12, 2022

License validity period: August 11, 2022 - August 5, 2025

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