R ETHICAL How to choose the size of your bridal ring

R ETHICAL ブライダルリングのサイズの選び方

A ring gauge is included with those who apply for the Home Try Bridal Sample Kit. We believe that if you choose your ring size carefully and take a relatively long time to choose it, you will be more comfortable with it. This time I would like to share the essence.

How to choose from ring gauges

If you are not used to determining the size from the ring gauge, it tends to be difficult to know which size will fit your finger perfectly. In such a case, please refer to it by answering the following questions. All Jesus states are appropriate.

- Is it too tight when you squeeze your hands?

- When you put on the ring and push it up from below, is there a space of about 1-2 mm between it and your finger?

- When removing the ring, does it catch on the knuckle of your finger?

- When wearing the ring, make sure it is not too tight.

Women's physical condition changes with the phases of the moon, so their size tends to change easily. Additionally, the size of your fingers often changes during pregnancy and childbirth. You may also feel tight the day after drinking alcohol, when you are tired and your body is swollen. Therefore, if you use the ring gauge in the morning, at night, and throughout the day, you will be able to determine the correct size.

men's ring

Also, since men may be wearing a wedding ring for the first time in their lives, it is recommended that they wear it every day for the first month without taking it off until they get used to it. If you don't take it off when taking a bath or sleeping, you will eventually forget that you are wearing it, so you can wear it more comfortably.

If you take it off and put it back on again when you get home, it will take some time to get used to wearing it, so I recommend that you start by having a little fun while wearing it for a long time. With that in mind, please choose the ring size that is most comfortable for you.


Because the ring is worn for a lifetime, the size may change or the shape may become distorted due to carrying something very heavy. There may also be scratches caused by a big bump. Therefore, it is a good idea to perform maintenance regularly (about once every 10 years). For those who have had their wedding or engagement ring made, we will permanently clean it free of charge, and any maintenance that requires resizing or major corrections will be done at actual cost.

We are looking for a relationship where we can work together to create a ring that will be cherished for a long time. I would be happy if you could feel safe.

*Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks and labor charge is ¥3,000, so please feel free to contact us.

Because it's something you'll live with for the rest of your life, please wear it in the appropriate size and in the best condition for the time. The key is whether or not you feel comfortable, so we recommend that you choose the size based on the information above.

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