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A wedding ring that will last a lifetime.
Choosing a ring is a fun collaborative process with your partner, imagining how you want to spend your days and interacting with each ring.
What kind of design should I choose and how should I choose it so that I am satisfied with it? R ethical will also tell you all about wedding rings, including when to choose them. In search of a ring destined to be loved for a long time.

How should I choose a wedding ring?

First, how do you choose?
Rings are also a part of fashion (decoration), so I think it's best to choose them based on your favorite brand and taste.
If there is a store near you, it would be a good idea to go to one first so you can get a feel for the store's atmosphere and worldview, so choose something that excites your heart. Also, if you want to change the specifications, you want something original and handmade, or you want a jewelry brand, the worlds are completely different, so it's best to choose something that fits your lifestyle and fashion.

Also, it doesn't have to be the exact same design or material for both of you. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of cases in which wedding rings are chosen to have slightly different impressions. Perhaps the most important thing for both of you is the memories you make.

Your tastes and body shape will change from your 20s to your 40s to your 60s. I think it's important to have a simple design that you won't get tired of because you'll be wearing it for a long time.

What is the material of the wedding ring?

Platinum 950, which has a high hardness as a mineral, is the best material if you plan on wearing it every day. In addition, especially in Europe, K18 is also often used as a material for wedding rings. Although K18 is a softer material than platinum, it has sufficient hardness and hardly oxidizes or deteriorates, so I think it is a good material for a ring that will last a lifetime.

As for the color, white color (platinum) and gold color (gold) have different impressions, so while looking for one that matches your clothes and skin tone, you can choose the one that suits your work or private life. We recommend items that can be worn in a wide variety of everyday situations.

Once you try on a sample ring, you will get a sense of whether it suits your wrist or not. In color diagnosis, gold tends to suit those with a yellow base, and platinum tends to suit those with a pink base. However, it changes depending on the texture of your skin, the season, and the mood of your favorite fashion and jewelry, so I think that if you focus on the feeling and don't rely on one factor in your decision, you will be able to find a ring that matches your impression. Masu.

When should you start choosing a wedding ring and when should you wear it?

When couples start preparing for their wedding, they often choose a wedding ring at the same time as choosing a wedding venue and wedding dress. There will be a ceremony at your wedding where you will wear a ring, so you'll want to have your rings ready by then.
If you want to make a custom-made ring instead of stock, it often takes about 1-2 months, depending on the company, so it might be a good idea to prepare as early as possible, including doing some research before considering it. I don't know.

At R ethical, after the interview, in the case of an original and full order, we will confirm the specifications with data and diagrams, make samples, and produce the product, which will take about a month. You'll probably be busy before the ceremony, so it might be a good idea to choose your ring well in advance.

What is the size of the wedding ring?

At R ethical, we will lend you a "ring gauge" to measure your finger size during your interview.
The thickness of your fingers changes in the morning and at night. Also, depending on the person, their skin can change by a number of degrees, such as feeling swollen over time, such as after drinking alcohol or having a busy day at work, or feeling refreshed when you're feeling well.
At R ethical, we are lending ring gauges so that you can take your time and consider the size on a separate day or time. Since this is a ring that will last a lifetime, it is important to choose the size that fits you best.

Also, each person has a different way of feeling things, such as those who feel secure with a loose fit and those who prefer a tighter fit, so we recommend the one that is most comfortable for you.
I think some men in particular are wearing a ring for the first time, so I think it would be a good idea to pay more attention to the size and comfort of the ring.

~About R ethical wedding rings and engagement rings~

R ethical, which specializes in minimal and elegant jewelry, not only has a lineup of fashion jewelry, but also wedding rings and engagement rings with a unique world view.

R ethical is based on the idea of ​​``creating a cycle of happiness through jewelry, which is a special part of life,'' and uses conflict-free diamonds from Canada and Alliance For Responsible Mining materials. The materials used are Fairmined certified gold and recycled platinum.

We make handmade and hand-finished wedding and engagement rings. We can respond to detailed specifications or take full orders with your own design. We will respond to your detailed requests, so please feel free to contact us.

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