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R ETHICAL Journal エシカルなカナダ産ダイヤモンド

Natural diamonds grown by the earth

Earth was born 450 million years ago. Oxygen and sunlight, plants that perform photosynthesis, and unknown living things made their lives shine through cell division.

The first diamonds were formed inside the Earth 330 million years ago.

In the modern era, the sparkling diamonds that you see today shine through their existence, preserving the history of the earth as it has passed through the ages. It is strange that it takes a long time to reach far beyond imagination.

Canadian diamond value

The diamonds used by R ETHICAL are produced by the Ekati Diamond Mine in Canada.

The mine is Canada's first developed and operated diamond mine. Diamonds are discovered deep underground and go through a process of sorting, laser cutting, polishing, grading, and guaranteeing before making their way around the world.

Most of the world's diamonds are difficult to locate. This is because mining, polishing, and cutting often take place in completely different locations, and it is customary for all diamonds to be collected together for subsequent grading. It is extremely rare for a diamond mining site to be identified in this way, making it extremely valuable. Therefore, for R ETHICAL, the identification of the Ekati mine in Canada has deep value in itself.

modern diamond mine

Ekati Diamond Mine is a modern diamond mine where workers can enjoy safety, high wages and stable careers. There is no unfair environment such as child labor or forced labor, and the transparency of the modern mining system, recruitment and evaluation of personnel, and sustainable management style is highly praised.

Every year, this diamond mine contributes more than 30 billion yen to social programs, educational programs, and healthcare, creating a system in which the entire region can enjoy this richness. Among the famous diamond mines in the world, it has the fairest and most environmentally and human rights friendly system.

natural diamond

Do you all know? Natural diamonds, which are said to be all natural and have been nurtured by the earth over many years, are mined between 140km and 190km underground. To do this, it is necessary to dig deep into the ground, and as a result, the mine must be constantly monitored to ensure that there is no environmental pollution or too much destruction.

Canadian diamonds are innovative in this respect as well, using sustainable mining methods that adhere to environmental standards. 83% of the water used in mining is recycled. Three times as much land as is mined will be conserved for nature to recover. Unlike gold mining, there is no use of any chemicals, so there is no impact on the environment itself. One of the things we most sympathize with is the fact that we are taking ethical measures from an environmental perspective, and we take pride in offering our products at reasonable prices to everyone in Japan.

Jewelry is a once-in-a-lifetime piece of jewelry that will be cherished by generations at a major turning point in your life, so I want you to choose something that truly has value, something that is comfortable and satisfying. I hope that they will decide on their value, like a light with a single intention, without being swallowed up by marketing or a large market.

The light of the diamond will illuminate the background and environment as a beautiful light for the rest of your life, even more than the light of the minerals nurtured by the earth. We always believe in its value and will sincerely deliver wonderful diamonds to everyone at important milestones in their lives.

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