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Engagement rings are said to be chosen by 90% of couples who have spent their precious days together and decided to walk forward together in the future as a souvenir of their wedding. This is a special piece of jewelry that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Just like meeting someone special, you want to choose an engagement ring that has a special connection with you.
Let's check the basics of engagement rings so you don't have any regrets!

What is the origin of the engagement ring? What does it mean?

Engagement rings as a symbol of love began in ancient Greece around 2000 BC. It is said that men gave rings engraved with their passionate feelings to women they had feelings for. Nowadays, it is common to wear an engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand, but this custom took root because it was believed that there is an emotional center within the heart, and that love is born from there. It is said that this was done in the hope that by wearing the ring on the left hand, which is closest to the heart, it would create a deeper bond of love.

How to choose and search for an engagement ring?

According to Zexy's research, most couples choose the ring together. It is said that an engagement ring costs ``3 months' worth of salary,'' but this is actually a catchphrase from a commercial and has no clear basis.

In a survey regarding sources of information when looking for an engagement ring, many couples said they went directly to a jewelry store to get information, followed by couples who decided on a store through wedding information magazines or the Internet.

Encounters with jewelry are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
Rather than focusing too much on price or image, we would like to visit the stores we are interested in, talk with the designers and store staff, get a feel for the brand's worldview, and choose the best ring for ourselves.

Is an engagement ring really a diamond? Are there any rules?

In Japan, diamonds are the most common material for engagement rings, but there is no rule that says engagement rings must be diamonds. Apparently Princess Diana's engagement ring was a blue sapphire. Of course, the classic single diamond is also the most wonderful. It would be a good idea to choose from a variety of colored stones to match her personality and lifestyle.

Encounters with stones, like encounters with people, are brought about by ``special connections.'' If you try it on yourself, you should be able to find a stone that is compatible with you and fits well. I would be happy if you could take the time to choose and cherish each step of the process. You want to choose something reliable and the best that will brighten your day.

~About R ethical wedding rings and engagement rings~

R ethical, which specializes in minimal and elegant jewelry, not only has a lineup of fashion jewelry, but also wedding rings and engagement rings with a unique world view.

R ethical is based on the idea of ​​``creating a cycle of happiness through jewelry, which is a special part of life,'' and uses conflict-free diamonds from Canada and Alliance For Responsible Mining materials. The materials used are Fairmined certified gold and recycled platinum.

We make handmade and hand-finished wedding and engagement rings. We can respond to detailed specifications or take full orders with your own design. We will respond to your detailed requests, so please feel free to contact us.

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