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I want to create a one-of-a-kind wedding ring to my specifications.
What is the process and how do you decide?
How can I find a ring that suits me?

A ring that will be worn for a long time, like a treasure that is unique to the two of you.
If you want to break free from the finished beauty and add your own essence, we recommend a full order without hesitation. There's nothing difficult. R ethical will introduce you to your unique specifications, processes and costs.

What exactly is it like to have a fully custom wedding ring?

In the same way that suits and important dresses are tailored to suit your body and mood, an increasing number of customers are choosing custom-made rings as well.

The idea is to expand the image based on the specifications of ``I like this'' from the current lineup of rings. ``I want to make it a little wider,'' ``I prefer a softer, glowing matte feel,'' ``I want a more powerful impression,'' and so on, ``I'd like to do something more'' one by one.

For example, the popular R ethical wedding ring that is hammered into the ring.
Each ring has a handmade feel that gives it a warm feel, making it a ring that has a strong presence and is easy to wear in everyday life. In addition, the hammer specification makes a small difference a big difference in impression. At R ethical, we carefully decide in advance the degree of hammering, which affects the impression of the ring.
If you use a relatively large number of hammer strokes to create fine edges, there will be more sparkling surfaces, creating a more delicate impression. On the other hand, when using a larger hammer, the light is captured by the "surface", making it more impressive and shining brightly in each scene.

If you choose from the samples what is close to you and what you are looking for, you will discover something new.

As the saying goes, ``Rings are small works of art,'' and just changing the width or thickness by just 0.5mm can dramatically change the impression. The atmosphere when you wear it will also change greatly. At R ethical, we help our customers expand their image of what they like. The real pleasure of custom-made products is connecting and expanding your "likes" through small nuances.

What is the process? When in doubt?

Many people are ordering rings and jewelry for the first time, and it can be difficult to visualize the actual product from jewelry drawings or CAD data, making the process of determining detailed specifications difficult. Therefore, at R ethical, we will first give you a silver ring as a sample according to your request, and after checking the fit, specifications, size, etc., we will make the actual ring. I'm here.

Our professional bridal advisors will listen to your individual needs in detail.
Since we are creating an important ring that will be used for a long time, we will work closely with you to design it, including consultations such as ``Which one would be nicer?'' and ``Can it be made this way?'' In addition, for couples with slightly different tastes, we suggest ways to create a unified look by matching textures and different colors, or by linking designs in one area.

How much does it cost?

You may have the impression that custom-made rings are much more expensive than regular rings, but at R ethical, we can accommodate minor specification changes as a service.
The thickness and thickness of the ring can be changed, and the texture (mirror or matte) can be made flexibly according to your wishes. We have confirmed the specifications that make a big difference in the impression of a ring with a sample ring of 925 silver.

If you would like to add special diamonds or precious stones, or if you would like to propose several patterns based on the design drawing for a full order, we will give you a quote first. We will consult with you about ¥120,000+tax for a simple platinum 950 or K18YG ring, or ¥160,000+tax for precious stones or diamonds.

Above, I have explained about full order.

At R ethical, we listen to our customers' needs as much as possible, and work with them to find a ring that they will truly love and will love for a long time.
We share heartwarming moments in private, like the process of getting to know our inner feelings.
Let's work together to create the ring of destiny that you can only imagine in your dreams ♡

~About R ethical wedding rings and engagement rings~

R ethical, which specializes in minimal and elegant jewelry, not only has a lineup of fashion jewelry, but also wedding rings and engagement rings with a unique world view.

R ethical is based on the idea of ​​``creating a cycle of happiness through jewelry, which is a special part of life,'' and uses conflict-free diamonds from Canada and Alliance For Responsible Mining materials. The materials used are Fairmined certified gold and recycled platinum.

We make handmade and hand-finished wedding and engagement rings. We can respond to detailed specifications or take full orders with your own design. We will respond to your detailed requests, so please feel free to contact us.

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