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Ethical jewelry refers to jewelry made using sustainable materials that are considerate to people, the environment, and society. The meaning of "ethical" is contained in the brand name R ethical. This is an important part of our brand philosophy.

In the mining of diamonds and gold that are used as jewelry materials, there are no sources of conflict funding, such as blood diamonds (conflict diamonds), and there is no unjust human rights violation or child labor in the mining and production process. Jewelry made from materials is called ethical jewelry. Ethical jewelry can also be said to have a beautiful background.

Gold is mined all over the world, in South America, Africa, and Asia. At mining sites, dangerous and careless handling of mercury poses serious health risks to humans. Environmental pollution caused by mercury, which remains underground semi-permanently, has also been reported worldwide.

At R ethical, we use Fairmined certified gold through international NGOs to eliminate human rights issues and environmental pollution, and create beautiful jewelry through a process that is friendly to both people and the environment. In this way, jewelry that is transparent in all aspects of material procurement, production, and distribution is called ethical jewelry.

■What is ethical jewelry?

Ethical jewelery is about more than just sustainable processes for the materials used in our products. A beautiful example of ethical jewelry is remaking jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation, imbuing it with new value, and wearing it for a long time. Gold and diamonds do not deteriorate over time and can be passed down from generation to generation as lifelong companions. Jewelry that has been remade and given new life is slower and more personal than fast fashion, which involves making something new, throwing it away, and then buying something new. Above all, it is a gentle and comfortable item that is filled with thought.

In this way, the definition of ethical jewelry includes not only the transparency of the mining process for the materials used, but also a variety of meanings, such as jewelry that is friendly to people and the environment, and that does not involve sacrifice for a sustainable future. It will be comprehensive.

Since its founding, R ethical has been delivering wedding rings, engagement rings, and jewelry using environmentally and human rights-friendly gold and diamonds. Why not choose something with a beautiful and gentle background, as it will be an important presence that you will share for the rest of your life. We also handle remakes and custom-made items, and we also create high-quality ethical jewelry that is irreplaceable for those with whom you have a connection.

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