R ETHICAL Journal “Jewelry that connects hope” created through collaboration What are the thoughts behind the animal motifs?

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R ethical creates collaborative jewelry with minded organizations such as international NGOs/NPOs. The process of encountering collaboration partners, resonance, and the creation of a piece of jewelry. And why is collaboration important? Let me tell you the secret story behind it.

People put their feelings into jewelry, whether it's an expression of love, feelings for someone, or determination for themselves. Although it is an ornament, the appeal of jewelry is that it is not just an element of "decoration."

R ethical's collaboration jewelry has the unique feature that part or all of the sales proceeds are donated. In addition, the design uses motifs that link to the content of charity activities. R hical believes that by placing thoughts, hopes, and prayers on the beautiful existence of jewelry in this way, it goes beyond decoration and leads to an expression of intention.

■Collaborative jewelry as a form of continuous and mutual support

R ethical creates collaborative jewelry with donations as a form of supporting the activities of non-profit organizations such as international NGOs/NPOs.
International NGOs/NPOs aim to protect someone (something) from domestic and international social problems. We have action guidelines for this purpose, and based on these we gather supporters for our activities and take certain actions. If you sympathize with the cause, the most common form of support is financial support or donations.

R ethical believes that by incorporating a donation mechanism into jewelry, we can permanently wear it as a symbol of our feelings of support and enjoy the joy of wearing it. We believe that collaboration jewelry with international NGOs/NPOs is a form of continuous and interactive support that goes beyond monetary forms, which tend to be one-off and one-sided.

■Encounter with Christel Vie Ensemble, a general incorporated foundation

R ethical is currently selling collaboration jewelry with donations from two foundations and NGOs. This time, I would like to tell you about the impetus for the collaboration with Christel Vie Ensemble, a general incorporated foundation of which Christel Takigawa is the representative director, the process of motif design, the feelings that go into it, and how the profits excluding cost will be used. I'll take it.

[General Foundation Christel Vie Ensemble × R ethical]

In 2013, R ethical won the Social Products Award, which is given to products that have marketability, social value, and a unique story. At the award ceremony venue, I met with people from Borneo Conservation Trust Japan, which led me to create accessories using freshwater pearls from Borneo (currently, it is difficult to have a stable supply of materials). (has ended).

Borneo Conservation Trust Japan is active in the field of wildlife conservation together with Christel Takigawa, and because of this relationship, we were approached by the Christel Foundation, and a collaboration project through jewelry has started.

The Foundation's activities consist of two major projects: 1) Project Zero and 2) Project Red. R ethical has decided to collaborate in the field of 2) Project Red, which is an activity to save endangered wild animals and conserve biodiversity.

Click here for the foundation's activity philosophy: http://www.christelfoundation.org/activity/

■“One-of-a-kind jewelry” How orangutan and elephant jewelry was born

"Let's make jewelry like no other." These are the words of Christel that left a very strong impression on me. The world is full of things, and we live surrounded by many things. That's why we started with a design that was not only a topical collaboration between the foundation's activities and jewelry, but also a one-of-a-kind design that could only be created here, with the market in mind. Christel is active in animal welfare and biodiversity conservation, but at the same time she has a keen sense of fashion, and is very beautiful both physically and mentally. I remember that every time we had a meeting, different ideas were born.

The motif for the jewelry is the Bornean elephant, an orangutan that lives in the rainforests of Borneo, where the foundation is active. What kind of item to make, what size, feel, and price to choose, what form to make that would be easy to wear and fashionable...we considered it from various angles, and through trial and error, we created the jewelry.

■To spread the voice of the voiceless animals of Borneo in Japan.

Borneo is currently developing oil palm plantations to produce palm oil, which is used as a raw material for cooking oil and soap. The situation is dire, with Bornean elephants being deprived of their homes and poisoned to death due to conflicts with humans, and small elephants left behind becoming lost on the streets. Orangutans can also suffer severe burns due to slash-and-burn cultivation. The photograph of the sore, red and painful skin of the patient on the verge of death is still burned into my memory.

In Japan, an economic country overflowing with things and with guaranteed safety, how can we convey the voiceless voices of animals? How can we shorten the distance from local activities? One solution is in the form of this collaboration jewelry.

The material is high quality ethical gold K18, making it a piece of jewelry that can be used for a long time. The motif is focused on dynamism, and is shaped like animals that look like they live fresh and lively lives in the rainforests of Borneo. The items are earrings and necklaces. Both are items that can be used by people of all ages, regardless of size.

All profits, excluding costs, will be used for conservation activities for flora and fauna on Borneo Island through Borneo Conservation Trust Japan.

Christel Vi Ensemble Foundation x R ethical jewelry: http://www.r-ethical.com/product-group/18
*Bracelets will also be released in 2018.

■Animal motifs and thoughts on collaboration

As the company's representative, dogs, cats, and birds have been familiar to me since I was a child, so I grew up deeply feeling the weight and pain of animal life. When I was in college, I was involved in anti-fur movements and personal activities for the welfare of dogs and cats. We believe that animal welfare is just as important as protecting human dignity and welfare, such as not wearing fur, opposing pet shops that sell live animals, and supporting adoption activities that reduce the slaughter of dogs and cats. At the same time, I was concerned that Japan was lagging behind the developed countries of the world.

When we first established R Jewels Japan Co., Ltd. in 2012, we believed that using ethical materials (fair trade) was essential for a sustainable future. When I was approached about the collaboration, I started creating animal motifs in a very natural way.

I would love to see something that goes beyond just using ethical materials, to creating a meaningful product that incorporates hope and solutions. I feel that relationships are a strange thing, and collaborations are born when we share the same stance and thoughts.

■Message from Christel Takigawa

Lastly, I would like to share with you a message from Christel Takigawa.

"Orangutans and elephants are wild animals that are familiar and dear to us. However, if time continues like this, we may end up seeing them only in zoos, which is something we don't even want to imagine. It is starting to be said that they are being forced out of their quiet homes and their numbers are decreasing dramatically.The way we Japanese people live is one of the reasons for this. Do you spend your time not knowing what is threatening you, or do you think and act to save their lives even just a little bit?This jewelry is one of the ideas for such action.I met a woman who visited Borneo several times. I designed it while thinking of the time, atmosphere, emotions, and silent voices that I had with orangutans and elephants.By wearing it, you can see that the danger of extinction of beloved wild animals is not a story of a distant country, but that we, the Japanese, I want people to feel that it is closely related to their lives.'' Christel Takigawa

January 27, 2019
R ethical representative designer
R Jewels Japan Co., Ltd. CEO Mari Hoshi

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