R ETHICAL Journal Gold and Platinum Wedding Rings

R ETHICAL Journal ゴールドの結婚指輪とプラチナの結婚指輪

Gold or Platinum?

A wedding ring is something you will spend time with for decades to come.

As time passes, the taste becomes deeper and becomes more familiar to your hands.

Part of the fun is not only the design but also the choice of materials.

This time, I would like to share with you the essence of how to deal with color.

About gold

The color of gold stands out for its gorgeousness and ease of familiarity. 18K retains its gorgeousness and is sufficiently strong, so more and more people are choosing it for wedding rings. Finishing with a glossy finish creates a smooth and bright impression. With a matte finish, you can feel the ennui natural beauty.

About K18

Let me tell you a little bit about the material of gold.

Gold is said to be 24k gold when it is 100% pure. When making jewelry, 24-karat gold is a soft material, so the jewelry industry mixes it with other metals to make 18-karat gold, making it stronger and more resistant to deterioration over time.

What is called 18K gold is 18/24 gold, the remaining 6 divided in half, 3 divided by copper, and 3 divided by 925 silver. If the remaining 6 parts are all made of copper, it will have a cherry blossom color like rose gold, and if the remaining 6 parts are made only of 925 silver, it will be white gold. Regardless of the color, as long as 18/24 is pure gold, it will be expressed as K18 and will be a reliable jewelry material.

About platinum

The color of platinum is neat and healthy. Men's suits have a neat and moderate sense of stability. For the weekend, it's a touch of color that adds authentic beauty.

Platinum is loved more in Asia than in Europe and America.

The color, which is reminiscent of bright white, goes perfectly with diamonds. It boasts a sense of stability as a mineral, with a color that brings out the moist white color of diamonds.

It gives a minimal impression, so it brings a fresh brightness to those who prefer orthodox things, like a new discovery. Platinum is known for its hardness, weight, and outstanding invariability as a material.It transforms classic beauty and strength into gentleness.

About Platinum 900

Platinum is called platinum and is expressed as Pt in the element notation. 100% pure platinum is susceptible to deterioration over time and does not have the strength to last a lifetime. Therefore, in order to increase the strength of pure platinum, it is common practice in the jewelry industry to add palladium or ruthenium, which is the same as silver, to the metal by around 10%. Since 100/1000 is the premium, the remaining 900 is 100% pure platinum. It will be Pt900.

Platinum 950 and 850 also exist and are in circulation.

At R ETHICAL, we use Pt900 because of the strength and quality of platinum.

*Pt900 is stronger than Pt950 and tends to be more resistant to scratches and impact.

If you are unsure about the color

If you use a yellow base in your cosmetics, the gold color will blend in well. On the other hand, if you have a blue base, we recommend platinum.

However, this is just one indicator, and each of you has unique individual differences, so please choose a color that shines in your own way, a color that will last for a long time, and a color that you can continue to love.

Both official and private time. Mornings that make you want to fly in the sky, and nights that make you curl up. Because it's something you always wear, it's permanent and neutral. I hope you find something nice.

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