R ETHICAL Journal Proposal Diamond

R ETHICAL Journal プロポーズダイヤモンド
of proposal
I received an order for diamonds.
A straightforward, warm and kind person.
I'm sure your partner is a wonderful person too.
I haven't met you yet, but I can imagine it.
When I'm doing this job
I once again realize that people exist when they think of others.
The intention is to spend the rest of your life together
It could be a piece of jewelry to give to a long-time best friend.
The most beautiful people in those places
Like a clear sky, like a celebration of the times we encounter
I am truly grateful to have witnessed such a happy moment.
Living is no matter who you are or where you are.
If reincarnation repeats,
Each exists with a unique mission.
Sometimes it's tough times like living in a dark hole,
Everything is experienced by people.
But with love, with courage and kindness
When you are connected to the people around you and are in a state of nothing but love
People are beautiful just the way they are and are so fulfilled that they don't need anything else.
I will breathe mindfully.
We deliver jewelry and diamonds.
There is always a happy face of a loved one,
Just deliver love to the person you love
My thoughts are on board.
Something sparkling and pure.
And something very precious.
So, together, while imagining the faces that make you happy,
We will work with you to find something that you will spend the rest of your life with.
I have never been so honored.
The jewelry we deliver
I want it to continue to grow over time and be refined over time.
With heartfelt blessings and gratitude,
Please continue to share your important thoughts with us.
*We will make suggestions based on your favorite carat and clarity to suit your budget.
*You can choose from 3 types of packages.
*We would also like to provide you with a quote for making it into a ring.
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