R ETHICAL Story vol.002 R ETHICAL “Night”

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A night where I think about the meaning of my existence.
A mountain of tasks that I complete every day so that I can finish something.
The repetitive daily trivialities that seem to go on endlessly.
Is this small but approaching battle of “me” connected to something? Is it helpful to anyone?

He has long since been called an adult, and has no choice but to rely on his own courage. Even though I know that no one will give me a clear answer anytime soon, I realize that I have no choice but to find a meaning that makes sense to me and move forward as much as I can. Even so, the night is covered with something vague and unidentifiable that cannot be named, floating and disappearing like a cloud, disappearing and then reappearing.

A night where I want to be someone strong and unyielding, but I can't.
Women may have nights like that.

Jewelry made with gold is special.
Whether it's a sense of security or trust, it's a glow that calms a wavering heart.

The substance gold holds special value even in this age of technological advancement. That is "immutability." Unlike other materials, it does not rust, rot, or deteriorate. It won't burn to ashes. In other words, it is an unchanging substance. Despite this, it is highly flexible and can be stretched thinner than human hair without breaking. It is said that the reason why gold jewelry, whether it is from around 200 BC or from the time of the time of the unparalleled beauty Cleopatra, has been passed down as cultural assets to the present day is precisely because of its unchanging nature.

I wonder if the reason it has continued to fascinate humanity for such a long time is because of its strong, supple, and eternal brilliance.

A strong and flexible being that the earth has created over many long years, since long ago, before there were even humans.
Gaining strength from such a presence, I will become even more flexible and strong from tomorrow onwards.

Wear a companion carefully crafted from the highest quality gold.
Let's stretch our backs and take another step forward.

Even if there are nights that are so small that they seem like they will disappear, let's burn the only irreplaceable life in the world.
I'm sure each one of them will pass around, perhaps even across generations,
Believe that it will bring a smile to someone's face.

By Shiki.H (R ethical PR)
R ethical https://r-jewels.com

・“Jewelry Bible: From basic knowledge to business” (Takahiko Mizuno, Kimiaki Kageyama, Fumio Ishizaki/Bijutsu Publishing)

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