R ETHICAL Story vol.003 R ETHICAL “Pretending and choosing”

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“Clothing is a way of life.” These are the words of Yves Saint Laurent, a fashion designer who led the fashion industry in the 20th century.
A well-calculated, simple, sophisticated, yet elegant design that is loved by generations. I wonder what kind of feelings this man, who has brought to the world many fashion items that can be considered works of art, put into these words.

I think that how a person chooses the clothes, hairstyle, make-up, shoes, and jewelry that they wear is almost a reflection of how they live their lives.

I heard from an older, beautiful friend that colored stones (natural stones) come to each person at the perfect time. “Stones also choose people, just like a connection with an important person or a chance, yet inevitable encounter.” With a relaxed hand, he poured a cup of black tea with a faint fruity scent. She said as she brought it to her mouth.

There are over 4,000 types of minerals on earth. Colored gemstones are formed little by little in nature over a long period of time, and are polished by craftsmen with traditional skills and aspirations, giving them their brilliance and charm. It grows to the point where it almost spills out and transforms into a piece of jewelry with a lot of emotion. As I admire my friend's elegant hands, I think about my encounter with a special stone that I have yet to see.

What kind of stone will be waiting for me?
What kind of stone should I choose?

Yellow citrine, which looks like lemon, is said to be extremely rare. A stone that has the power to calm you down. It will be reassuring to have her with you during important events because she will give you positive power.
How about amethyst, a purple stone that is transparent and full of elegance? It is said to have the power of merciful love. I admire the lustrous and noble shine.
Moonstone is a lucky stone that can make your wishes come true. It comes in a wide range of colors, including colorless, orange, gray, and green, and is also known as the stone of love.

"Oh, it's already that long."
I want to stand dignified and walk through life resolutely, just like my friend who quickly gets up from his seat and walks dashingly, completely oblivious to my thoughts. Afternoon tea was a small, tight, and carefully decided day.

A large diamond with a refined shine, must be of the highest quality, is swaying gently around her ear.

Each choice creates me and my life.
I'm trying my best to make the choices in front of me.
Hopefully, the choices I make will express my own individuality and reflect my policies.
As if all your attire is connected to your way of life.
As an extension of this path, I may be connected to a special colored stone that is unique to me. It's an afternoon in December when I think about my future self, who I haven't met yet.

By Shiki.H (R ethical PR)
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・“Power Stone Textbook Dear Stones” (Yuki Moira/Shinsei Publishing)

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