R ETHICAL Story vol.004 R ETHICAL “What creates beauty”

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What is truly important cannot be seen with the eyes.

When I was a child, I admired not only the ring, but also the profile of my grandmother who loved it as if it were her own little life. It was a simple gold ring that was given to my grandmother in her youth by a woman she respected. One year, when I was complaining about what I wanted for Christmas, my grandmother kindly told me, ``I hope you take your time and bring lots of happiness into it, so that it becomes even more sparkling.'' And I felt that indescribably warm feeling. I was overwhelmed by the sight.

Since then, I have spent many years nestled in my grandmother's care, and now I am on my mother's delicate fingers. ``I don't like flashy fashion or luxury, though my grandma did,'' she grumbles, but she always wears that ring every day.

It doesn't have any special skill or large jewels attached to it. A quiet, dignified presence that is just there, like a light. That brilliance has captivated me since I was a child. From grandmother to mother. From my mother to me someday. A single piece of jewelry crosses lives and creates the future.

South Africa, the United States, and Canada are the most commonly heard sources of gold. It is said that it was first discovered 7,000 years ago. Apparently, only 5 grams can be extracted from 1 ton of gold ore. I believe that its almost talisman-like shine is a miraculous gift that the earth has nurtured over many years.
On the other hand, I heard that there are problems with child labor and mercury, which is used for cheap gold mining, and that it harms the health of the workers and the environment.
A land where people live for generations. A land with many small lifeforms, just like us. I'll probably never meet them again, but knowing that what I wear may have come about at the expense of someone else makes me feel sad and a little mixed.

A jewelry-loving friend who lives overseas told me that there is an international organization that supports fair and sustainable working environments and guarantees that people can work with peace of mind and be compensated. Apparently it is available in several brands in Japan as well. If possible, I would like to choose jewelry that not only looks beautiful, but also reflects the lives of the people involved in it, earning their daily bread, and creating happiness for them.

What creates true beauty are the invisible thoughts and hopes that are piled up until it reaches our hands. Jewelry is created one by one by countless people whose names we don't even know, as they cry, laugh, and worry with their families and friends, each with a small wish to make someone happy. In this way, a lot of positive power accumulates, brightening the wearer's day with dignity and beauty.

For a long and lasting future.
I, too, will take courage from the luster and beauty of gold, which makes life even brighter, and connect with the hope I have received from so many people. Just like a baton passed down from one's ancestors to the next generation.

By Shiki.H (R ethical PR)
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