R ETHICAL Story vol.005 R ETHICAL “A small courage, my step”

R ethical Story vol.005 アールエシカル「小さな勇気、私の一歩」 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

A new year has arrived.
The clear, sunny skies continue.

Looking back, I can see that I continued to pay attention to what was in front of me.
I continued to take action hoping for some kind of happiness.

I feel like I've finally arrived at this point by just doing my best every day, but at the beginning of the new year, I suddenly felt like I was actually on the right track.

My loved ones, the fun times, the hard times, and the many times I laughed.
The courageous choices I made, the secret memories that made my heart tighten.
They may be ordinary, but each one is unique and belongs only to me. Living proof.
The scars and failures I have chosen are all my own path.

When you think about it, jewelry is more than just dressing up or dressing up; it's something very special.

Like a little courage when starting something.
Like a light that brings happiness.
Like a collection of prayers and wishes.
It's like a talisman to help you live your life in your own way.

Sometimes like an actress I admire.
Like the gentle earth.

A great power that cannot be seen.

That's why I want to choose the real thing.

Minerals that the earth has nurtured over many years have evolved over the course of the earth's rich history.
Gold, diamonds, and colored stones are shaped over many years beyond imagination.

Just like us, each material has its own sparkling individuality.

One of them is to have a slow dialogue with your inner self.The stones and settings that you encounter are shaped like you are attracted to them.The feminine finish attracts your attention.The dynamic impression catches your eye.The size and color of the stones. Rings and Settings When you choose jewelry, you feel like you are getting to know yourself deeply, as if you were searching for a comfortable temperature that will help you figure out who you want to be when you put it on.

Let's live dignifiedly in 2018.
Let's live gracefully.
Along with something genuine that supports my determination.

Perhaps I need a strikingly bright crimson ruby ​​rather than a pale colored stone.
Wear a ring that exudes delicacy and purity on your middle finger.
I work with aplomb.
Get energy from the red stone of passion,
I love people with all my heart.
A place where you can blow away your doubts and anxieties.
Real jewelry.

Let's take a step into the new year with courage.

By Shiki.H (R ethical PR)
R ethical https://r-jewels.com

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