R ETHICAL Story vol.001 R ETHICAL “Morning”

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There are mornings when women say, ``I want to feel better today.''
It's the morning before an important presentation.
The next morning, something unpleasant happened.
A morning where you dress up more than usual for a special night.

It's like I want to be surrounded by a dignified air, like I want to have courage.
I wish I could shine more specially than anyone else.
A modest hope.

One day, she wears a single diamond necklace.
For that reason, choose a modest monotone top for a chic atmosphere.
On other days, she wears generous earrings made of natural stones that catch the light, and her hair is tied up in a loose chignon.

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry.
Even though it's such a small world, I feel like I'm one step closer to becoming the woman I dream of becoming.
When I wake up, my face looks a little brighter and my appearance looks more elegant.
Hurry out the front door with your jewelry.

Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches. It is said that jewelry that falls under the category of today's jewelry has existed for as long as human history. There are various theories, but the most popular one is that it is meant as a ``talisman'' against the unknown and fear.

At its most primitive stage, it seems to have been something like body painting, in which various pigments were applied directly to the body. From there, simple processing of natural materials available in daily life became the ancestor of modern jewelry. There are also stories of strong animals such as ivory being processed into ornaments and worn to show off their strength.

Looking back at history, we find that jewelry is not just something that indicates status or class differences, or has a fashionable meaning, but something special that is deeply rooted in human nature - a form that embodies the power of great things that exist in the natural world. It may be an important presence that we acquire and share in today's life.

When you put on your favorite earrings or necklace, you feel a reassuring feeling that you are one step closer to your dream because it comes from the fundamental aspects of humanity inherited from our ancestors who lived in ancient times. It might be.

Something that makes you a little better, and someone that brings out the best in you.
A special child who brightens up your day in many ways, whether it's fun or sad, happy or painful.
That's why we want to wear authentic items made from materials nurtured by nature, just like our ancestors who have lived with history.

For me who wants to shine a little more than usual on a special night or at work where I want to enjoy the dignity of a carefully made item.
Both this morning and tomorrow morning.

By Shiki.H (R ethical PR)

・“World History of Jewelry” (Ryo Yamaguchi/Shincho Bunko)

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