R ETHICAL For customers making custom/bridal orders/Payment method

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For customers placing custom-made bridal orders

Thank you for your continued patronage of R ethical products.
We work side by side with craftsmen to create more personal jewelry according to customer requests.

Up until now, we had to pay after we received your request and before we produced the book and delivered it to you.
From February 2023, we will require full payment in advance for all ordered items.

If you cancel midway, we will refund the amount minus 30%.

Please understand that we will charge you in advance because we work with respect to procure bullion and diamonds and pay wages to craftsmen at appropriate prices.

New bridal interviews are continuing in February.
We wish everyone who chooses our products the best of luck and hope that our beautiful jewelry will brighten your future.

We look forward to your continued support of R ethical.

R ethical representative designer Mari Hoshi
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