Bridal fair held 2/4-3/3 2023

ブライダルフェア開催 2/4-3/3 2023 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

Spring gift project held

On February 4, 2023, we celebrated the first day of spring, which marks the arrival of spring on the calendar.

R ethical will be holding a small bridal fair.

-Diamond or natural stone gift project-

From February 4, 2023 to March 3, 2023

For those who have their own bridal ring (wedding ring/engagement ring) made

We will give you a 1mm diamond or a 1mm natural stone of your choice.

An accessory craftsman will place it inside the ring that you will wear for a long time.

Since this is the part that comes into contact with the skin, the inside of the ring will stay clean for a long time without touching the outside.

Add it next to the engraving with your feelings on it to enhance your originality.

We will put your thoughts into it, such as transparent diamonds and each birthstone.

The time we spend together is special.

Take your time and learn in a relaxed environment

Please request a bridal sample kit from our official website.

*Normally, this service requires 1 ring plus ¥20,000+tax.

*Depending on the type of natural stone, we may not be able to meet your expectations. 

* Limited to those who inform us of their intentions for this production by March 3, 2023.

* Applicants who accept the offer through an interview are also eligible.

*Customers of bridal sample kits are also eligible.

* This also applies to those who have previously considered this.

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