12/15sat. -12/25mon. 2017 Matsuya Ginza 2F

12/15sat. -12/25mon. 2017 松屋銀座 2F - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

What's new this winter?

ruby and opal

With diamonds on the side

The diagonal setting allows for some fun.

Each one is original and one of a kind.

The fluctuating color and presence of opal

By wrapping it softly with 18k gold

It turned out to be a very attractive ring.

I also like bright rubies

Stone language is love, passion

This stone is said to protect you if you wear it.

Each setting and design

I made everything different.

Even if you don't shout "Please give me love"

"Love and passion are here"

The finish makes you feel the intention in its small appearance.

We will be at the store mainly from 14:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Loose jewelry also available

If the timing is right

I wish I could accept full orders..

I would be happy to meet you

As a reward for “working hard in 2017”


Matsuya Ginza 2nd floor

international boutique

12/16 SAT.~25 MON.

Business hours 10:00-20:30

(Closed at 8pm on 12/25)

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