WWF 2018 / Dugong motif necklace released

2018 WWF ジュゴンモチーフネックレス発売 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

In spring 2018, WWF Japan will release a new necklace with a dugong motif.

dugong necklace

The dugong motif necklace, which has received many requests for resale, is now back with a new design. A simple and delicate depiction of the cute appearance of a dugong swimming leisurely in the warm sea. It has a high-quality design that can be used regardless of the occasion or generation.

R ethical has been producing this for WWF with all our heart. A necklace where all profits from sales go to WWF's environmental conservation activities.

We make our products using high-quality materials and focusing on the dugong-like character.

Please purchase from WWF Panda Shop this spring.


Dugong (an endangered species) is a marine mammal that lives in shallow, warm waters. It has a downward-pointing mouth suitable for eating seaweed on the ocean floor, a stubby and round body, and a crescent-shaped tail fin.

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