Borneo Project Borneo Project Charity Jewelry Donation Report 2020

Borneo Project ボルネオプロジェクト チャリティジュエリー寄付報告 2020 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

This is an activity report of the Borneo Project.

December 27, 2021 We handed over the donation to Christel Takigawa, representative director of Christel Vie Ensemble, and Takashi Aoki, director and secretary general of the certified NPO Borneo Conservation Trust Japan.

⁡We sell accessories made in collaboration with the Christel Foundation, and all proceeds, excluding production costs, go to Borneo Conservation Trust Japan, a certified NPO that works to create a future where animals and people can live together. We are donating to. ⁡

The total donation amount from January to December 2020 was 333,680 yen. ⁡Proceeds from sales will be used to support tree-planting activities (raising seedlings, planting seedlings, and land maintenance work after planting) to regenerate the rainforests on Borneo Island, which have been devastated by the development of oil palm (palm oil) plantations, as well as to support elephants who lost their mother elephants. The money is used to pay for milk for baby elephants who have been rescued for some reason, such as being separated from the herd.

⁡You can also hear more about this donation on Amazon Podcast EPISODE 9-4.

⁡Please see the link on our Instagram profile for vibrant necklaces and earrings shaped like the silhouettes of orangutans and elephants. In 2022, try out 18-karat gold jewelry that you can wear for a long time.

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