éthique Propose Diamond Proposal diamond service started

éthique Propose Diamond プロポーズダイヤモンドサービス開始

Tokyo — March 27, 2023  

Today, R ETHICAL, an ethical jewelry brand operated by R Jewels Japan Co. , Ltd., will launch the éthique Propose Diamond service, which provides loose diamonds for marriage proposals . Diamonds are available from 0.3 carat to 3 carat depending on your budget.

We sell diamonds at reasonable prices along with detailed information on the four C's that determine diamond quality: 1) Color, 2) Carat, 3) Clarity, and 4) Cut. As a jewelry brand without physical stores, we take pride in our quality, transparency, and reasonable prices, and we sincerely congratulate you on your proposal.

All diamonds are of the highest quality, mined, polished and cut in Canada.

Diamonds with beautiful backgrounds are R ETHICAL 's strength and pride in being able to identify mines. Together with a Canadian diamond company, we sincerely support your proposal's success.

What is éthique proposal diamond?

By giving a loose diamond (bare stone) at the time of a proposal, it helps you to express your feelings for your partner and your determination to move forward with your future. Since this is an engagement ring you will be sharing for the rest of your life, you want to be particular about the design and metal quality. Considering the possibility that your partner's tastes may differ, there is an increasing demand for proposals using only loose diamonds. Carat sizes range from 0.3 carat to 3 carat. We will freely make suggestions depending on your budget and wishes, such as emphasizing quality or preferring a larger size.

We are proud of reliable quality, along with the GIA warranty and CDCC Canada mark warranty, which are the world's highest diamond standards.

Service after proposal

You can make an R ETHICAL engagement ring for ¥120,000+tax . From simple solitaires to designs with diamonds added. We will make it to order.

What is Éthique ethical diamond?

The diamonds are mined in Canadian mines using modern methods and are environmentally friendly.They are conflict-free diamonds that are produced using modern mines that completely eliminate child labor and forced labor. Considering the impact on the environment, 70% of the water used is recycled and no chemicals are used .

In the diamond industry, it is difficult to identify specific mines throughout the world. The more the process goes beyond mining, cutting, polishing, sorting, and certifying, the more difficult it becomes to identify it. Therefore, there is always the possibility that they may unknowingly become a source of funding for rebel forces or be complicit in child labor.

By collaborating with a Canadian mining company, R ETHICAL is now able to stock a large selection of ethical diamonds from mines.

As a brand that delivers ethical jewelry as pieces of hope, we are delighted to be able to offer sustainable diamonds that are considerate to human rights and the environment.

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