éthique / Propose Diamond 0.3Ct Diamond delivery

éthique / Propose Diamond 0.3Ct ダイヤモンドお渡し

éthique / Propose Diamond


This time, we handed over a proposal diamond to a very wonderful customer.

We also lend a silver ring as an image.

I sincerely hope that you will be happy.

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R ETHICAL offers loose diamonds for marriage proposals

éthique Propose Diamond

We are delivering services.

Transparent, moist and gentle light within the dazzling brilliance.

Jewels that explore new ways to shine diamonds.

4Cs that determine the quality of diamonds

With detailed information on color, carat, clarity and cut.

We deliver elegance and sophistication at reasonable prices.

As a jewelry brand that does not have a physical store,

We value quality, transparency, and reasonable prices.

We sincerely congratulate you on your proposal with an ethical diamond.

The diamonds are beautiful even in the background,

It will become an existence that weaves intelligence.

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