NADELL Wedding Dress × R ETHICAL “Ethical Wedding with Joy”

NADELL Wedding Dress × R ETHICAL「Ethical Wedding with Joy」

Tokyo — May 16, 2023  

Today, R ETHICAL, an ethical jewelry brand operated by R Jewels Japan Co., Ltd. , is a Kyoto atelier brand NADELL that delivers wedding dresses using traditional techniques and is particular about using natural materials such as high-quality organic cotton and silk. We have partnered with Wedding Dress ( Nadel Wedding Dress) .

Ethical Wedding with Joy.

Toward a future that circulates with joy

We use materials that are considerate of the global environment and are particular about manufacturing processes that protect the dignity of the people involved.
With respect for the culture and technology that people have inherited
R ETHICAL and NADELL Wedding Dress have been delivering high-quality jewelry and wedding dresses.

These two brands have been offering ethical weddings for over 10 years.
Resonating with their ideas, we have decided to partner with them from August 2023.

We believe that an ethical future where hope circulates is
We believe that happiness begins with the happiness of each individual.

from now on,
We pursue products that will make the hearts of those who pick them up dance and satisfy,
We will deliver them one by one.

This project will expand the circle towards a circular future.
I hope this will be a small opportunity for you.

Auspicious day in May 2023
R ETHICAL & NADELL Wedding Dress

◼︎Partnership details
・Customers who purchase eligible products will receive a 10% off referral card for the first time from both brands.
・Expiry date is 1 year from the date of purchase

◼︎Applicable products
・R ETHICAL ・・・Bridal Jewelry
・NADELL Wedding Dress・・・Wedding dress (rental/purchase)
*Some products are not eligible. Please contact us for more information.

◼︎Partnership start date
・Starts from August 1, 2023 (Expiration date is the end of July 2024)

About NADELL Wedding Dress

A Kyoto-based atelier dress brand that focuses on natural materials such as high-quality organic cotton and silk, and uses traditional techniques to deliver wedding dresses. We aim to create products that circulate from earth to earth.

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