R ETHICAL x Diamond for Peace Limited Charity Jewelry Released

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R ETHICAL × Diamond for Peace limited charity jewelry released

Press release to all members of the press
February 7, 2020

Ethical jewelry brand “R ethical” (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO Mari Hoshi) collaborates with the NPO “Diamonds for Peace” for the first time to launch limited edition charity jewelry using natural stones from Malawi. Did.

As part of a collaboration project with Diamonds for Peace, R ethical has started selling a limited edition of 5 pieces of charity jewelry using natural stones produced in Malawi, southeastern Africa. Necklaces are made from beautiful large, rough-cut natural stones, mainly aquamarine, garnet, and amethyst. Profits from sales, excluding expenses, will be donated to Diamonds for Peace activities.

The natural stones used this time were procured through the Mzimba Gem Mining Association in Malawi. Developing countries such as Malawi, where many gemstones originate, are facing a variety of problems, such as mined gemstones being unfairly purchased and workers living in poverty, and mining destroying the environment. Additionally, in many cases, the path from mining to reaching consumers is not clear.

R ethical is based on the concept of ``Jewelry with a beautiful background for beautiful people who brighten their lives.'' R ethical creates jewelry using Fairmined certified gold (gold mined under fair working conditions) and colored stones. We are producing. Diamonds for Peace works to improve working conditions for miners and other people involved in the diamond supply chain, and promotes fair trade in diamonds.Through this collaboration, Diamonds for Peace is working to improve working conditions for people involved in the diamond supply chain, including miners, and promote fair trade in diamonds. I hope that jewelry will become even more pervasive throughout the world.

◆Product overview Material: K18YG + various natural stones Price: ¥66,000 - ¥72,000 (excluding tax)
Available stores: R ethical Nakameguro directly managed store <Business hours> Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-18:00
<Address> Lilac House B1F, 1-13-11 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042
*6 minutes walk along the river from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line/Hibiya Line

◆About R ethical
A jewelry brand that pursues the light and luster of K18 x colored stones with minimalism and elegance. To women who have a policy of accepting both light and darkness and shining. Using ethical gold and high-quality materials, we deliver jewelry that enhances your inner beauty. Since 2019, he has also been a corporate member of the NPO Diamond for Peace.
<URL> https://r-jewels.com/

In 2014, Chie Murakami, the representative director of NPO Diamonds for Peace, learned about the negative aspects of diamonds, such as the fact that they were used as a source of funds for weapons purchases, conflicts, and terrorism, after receiving an engagement ring given to her. Started its activities as a voluntary organization in 2015. Became an NPO in 2015. In order to realize a society where it is common for diamonds to be mined, cut, and manufactured with consideration for humanity and the environment, we will (1) improve the working environment and social status of diamond miners, and (2) improve the quality of diamonds domestically and internationally. We are raising awareness of issues surrounding this.

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