《R ETHICAL》R Ethical Launch of “Jewel Letter”, a content service delivered during the full moon and new moon

《R ethical》アール・エシカル 満月と新月に届くコンテンツサービス『Jewel Letter』開始 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, which marks the arrival of a new moon in New York, R Jewels Japan Co., Ltd., which operates " R ethical ", will launch a new service "Jewel Letter" that aims to go beyond sustainability. )” Pre-season distribution has started.

"Jewel Letter" is a service centered on delivering content delivered during the full moon and new moon. R Jewels Japan Co., Ltd. aims to provide "hope for the future" through ethical jewelry in a new format called a newsletter. This will be a new attempt to deliver.

Due to the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, we are unable to directly convey messages and deliver individual pieces of jewelry at stores, but we are distributing ``small seeds of change'' and ``tips for living a rich life'' through letters.

Since its establishment in 2012, R Jewels Japan Co., Ltd. has been aiming to realize a future in which the earth, people, animals and plants are in harmony through business centered on manufacturing and selling ethical jewelry. The idea behind this idea is that the jewelry created through this cycle will reduce environmental impact, create fair employment, and at the same time be a ``hope for the future'' that brightens up customers' daily lives.

At the start of the Pre-Season offering, CEO and designer Mari Hoshi said, ``At a time when sustainability is becoming a major trend, we are pleased to announce that the As the first jewelry brand in Japan to introduce "Fairmined certified gold" extracted from large-scale mines, we will begin a new challenge to provide essential value that goes beyond ethical. I hope we can become a place where we can align ourselves with the rhythm and work together towards a future where the earth and us humans are in harmony."

Applications for pre-season will begin on the official website from Saturday, December 4, 2021.

“Jewel Letter” | https://r-jewels.com/jewelletter/

Jewel Lette r

A letter like a small piece of hope that arrives with the changing seasons and the rhythm of the moon.

We will diligently capture the joy of being alive and the sparkle that exists in everyday life, and distribute it along with the cycles of nature. I wish I could deliver words that gently allow you to forgive the present, a moment of gentle healing, and a moment of realization that will help you take a deep breath and be in harmony with yourself.

Objectify things and discover new perspectives, like looking at the sky a little far from where you are currently living. Savoring the full moon and feeling the new moon, each time I move forward one step at a time and feel myself becoming new. We ourselves write each word carefully, seeking that small but precious warmth.

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