SUSAN ROCKEFELLER × R ethical collaboration jewelry released 2017

SUSAN ROCKEFELLER × R ethical コラボジュエリー発売 2017 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

[SUSAN ROCKEFELLER × R ethical collaboration jewelry released]

SUSAN ROCKEFELLER (Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture), who conveys the message of marine environmental protection from New York, and jewelry brand R ethical (Meguro Ward, Tokyo) are working together to conserve marine resources. , collaboration jewelry will be released from July 1, 2017.

SUSAN ROCKEFELLER, which aims for coexistence between humans and nature, and R ethical, which envisions a sustainable future using fair trade materials, resonated with each other's activities, and a collaboration was realized. By using sea creatures as motifs, we aim to spread the message of coexisting with the environment and the importance of sea resources, which make up 70% of the earth, to a wider audience.
In addition, a portion of the sales of SUSAN ROCKEFELLER is used to support marine environmental protection activities carried out by the Japan branch of Sailors for the Sea, a general incorporated association.
Available at Yokohama Grand InterContinental Hotel 2nd floor Hotel Shop I Marina, Roppongi Hills Hollywood Beauty Plaza 3rd floor, and R ethical online store.

About SUSAN ROCKEFELLER A documentary filmmaker whose themes include environmental issues. Director of marine nature conservation organization OCEANA. Mrs. David Rockefeller, Chairman of Rockefeller & Company. In 2011, he established a brand with his own name. As an icon of social entrepreneurship, we support environmental protection activities and disseminate information through our products.

About Sailors for the Sea Japan Branch Sailors for the Sea was founded by David Rockefeller in the United States in 2004 and carries out activities to protect the marine environment on a global scale.
The Japan branch was established in 2011. In order to pass on a healthy planet to the next generation, we offer programs such as the ``Blue Seafood Guide,'' which promotes the sustainable use of marine resources, and the ``Clean Regatta,'' a yacht racing standard that adheres to environmental protection.

About R ethical
A jewelry brand from Daikanyama that aims for high-quality beauty with the light and luster of K18YG and colored stones. We create products that enhance the beauty of women with a policy. The high-quality materials are Fairmined certified gold K18YG, which is traded through fair international trade for a sustainable and fair future. In addition, by collaborating with non-profit organizations such as foundations, we give form to the voiceless voices of wild animals and use jewelry to support the sustainable coexistence of animals, people, and nature.

K18YG/ Blue Topaz ¥39,000+tax

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