WWF 2020 / Small-clawed otter new ethical jewelry released

WWFコツメカワウソをモチーフとした新作エシカルジュエリー発売 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

In spring 2020, WWF Japan (World Wildlife Fund Japan) will be releasing a new necklace with a small-clawed otter motif.

small-clawed otter necklace

The small-clawed otter has joined the ethical jewelry series. The endangered small-clawed otter is expressed in a rounded and realistic silhouette. We engraved the words "Our home is in the Wild" on the back, expressing our desire to cherish the animals in the wild rather than as pets.

R ethical has been producing this for WWF with all our heart.
A necklace where all profits from sales go to WWF's environmental conservation activities.
Made of high quality materials. This is one way to create a cycle in which all living things on earth can be happy.
Purchase ethical small-clawed otter jewelry that can be used for a long time from the WWF Panda Shop.


About small-clawed otters
They belong to the mustelid family of mammals and live in rivers, swamps, and the seashore. Their population is decreasing due to habitat destruction due to farmland development and deforestation, water pollution, and hunting as pets. Although international commercial transactions are prohibited in principle, poaching and smuggling continue unabated.

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