WWF 2020 / K18 Ethical Jewelry Polar Bear

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WWF K18 Ethical Jewelry Polar Bear

In the fall of 2020, a new necklace with a polar bear motif was released by WWF Japan (World Wildlife Fund Japan).

polar bear necklace

The polar bear is expressed in white gold with a clean shine and a dignified impression. The surface has been honed to create a matte, elegant impression without being too sweet. The message "Together, to the future." is engraved on the back. It expresses our desire to work together as one for the future.

R ethical has been producing this for WWF with all our heart.

A necklace where all profits from sales go to WWF's environmental conservation activities.

Made of high quality materials. This is one way to create a cycle in which all living things on earth can be happy.

Purchase a long-lasting polar bear necklace from the WWF Panda Shop.


About polar bears

Scientific name: Ursus maritimus

◇Extinction rank: Vulnerable species (VU)

◇Approaching crisis: Drastic reduction in habitat (sea ice) due to global warming (climate change). Pollution and development due to excavation of oil, natural gas, etc. Diseases associated with loss of genetic diversity.

◇Number of individuals:?

◇Lifespan: 9.8-13.6 years

Polar bears, the largest carnivorous animal on land, were threatened with extinction due to hunting until the 1970s. Since then, international conservation efforts have brought the species out of danger, but the population is currently on the verge of extinction due to the effects of global warming.

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