R ETHICAL Social Products Award 2013 Winner

ソーシャルプロダクツ・アワード2013年受賞 - エシカルジュエリーブランド  R ETHICAL Official Site

We would like to inform you that R ethical has received the Social Products Award sponsored by the Social Products Promotion Committee.

thank you very much. I sincerely thank you.
The judges' evaluations are as follows.

We carefully monitor the production and procurement of raw materials for our products, as well as the manufacturing process of the products themselves, using our own standards while paying due consideration to people, society, and the environment. In addition, we actively disseminate information on our website, blog, etc., and conduct collaborative projects that are easy for consumers to participate in. Our product sales help educate buyers and address social issues surrounding jewelry. It is hoped that this will lead to an expansion of awareness of the issue and, in turn, to contributing to problem solving. With a simple design that brings out the colors of natural stone, it is a social product that you will want to cherish forever.

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