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éthique Proposal Diamond 0.7Ct. H SIⅡ EX

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R ethical

éthique Proposal Diamond 0.7Ct. H SIⅡ EX

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A diamond that combines gentleness and strength.

We deliver loose diamonds from Canada.

0.7 carat SIⅡ The SI series shows slight inclusions (contents) when viewed under a 10x microscope. The difference is so small that you can't tell by comparing it visually, but for those who are looking for size.

We hope that these accessories will bring comfort and color to your daily life.

The diamonds are mined in Canadian mines using modern methods and are environmentally friendly, and are delivered with a GIA warranty, the world's highest diamond standard.

Please choose the most comfortable one for your proposal depending on size and grade.

May the future of both of you continue to shine.

Carat 0.7Ct

Color H

Clarity SIⅡ

cut excellent

Certification: Canadian Mark Certification, GIA Certification

Size 5.63 x 5.68 x 3.54

Introducing éthique Propose Diamond, offering a rare combination of exquisite artistry and timeless elegance. This 0.7Ct. H SIⅡ EX diamond is sure to captivate admirers with its superior clarity and unrivaled brilliance. Let it be the centerpiece of a lasting symbol of love.

We will enclose the items you want in 3 different packages.

- black display box

- R ETHICAL original wood box made from FSC certified paper

- R ETHICAL original paper box made from FSC certified paper

If you would like the ring made after the proposal,

You can choose a simple solitaire ring for an additional ¥120,000.

If you wish to use pavé diamonds, etc., an additional material fee will be charged.

We can also provide design suggestions.

Please feel free to contact us.