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Jewel Letter + Moon Jewelry -until 5/1/2022

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R ethical

Jewel Letter + Moon Jewelry -until 5/1/2022

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Jewel Letter + Jewelry ¥35,200 (tax included) / 3 months

As the seasons change, we deliver small pieces of hope and jewelry that arrive with the rhythm of the moon.

・We will deliver 《 Jewel Letter 》 on full moon and new moon for 3 months.

🌑 May 1st 5:28 new moon in taurus

🌕 May 16th 13:15 Full Moon in Scorpio

🌑 May 30th 20:31 new moon in taurus

🌕 June 14th 20:52 full moon in sagittarius

🌑 June 29th 11:53 new moon in cancer

🌕 July 14th 3:38 full moon in capricorn

・As the season ends, we will be delivering special K18YG jewelry from R ethical.

・For those who are looking for an opportunity or hint for change, or for those who are at a major turning point.

The start of the first season is scheduled for May 1, 2022, during the New Moon in Taurus. Applications will be accepted until 12pm on May 1st.

-We are planning a K18YG necklace or K18YG bracelet with a moon motif.

-We plan to deliver jewelry that uses diamonds that can be worn for a long time.

-We plan to work with the customer to create the product while listening to their opinions through Instagram.

A gift for yourself who will undergo a big change in 3 months.

We deliver jewelry with awareness.

-The first season will start streaming on May 1, 2022. Applications will close on May 1st, so please apply as soon as possible.

-Since the number of applicants is limited, we will close the recruitment once the capacity is reached.

-If you would like high jewelry using 0.3ct diamonds, please select another plan.

-We will send different items to those who have applied for pre-season.

-Please contact us if you have any requests.

Please refer to 《 Jewel Letter 》 for details.