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R ETHICAL jewelry is made into high-quality jewelry that preserves the beauty of ethical materials from around the world and shows respect for craftsmanship.

We carefully deliver ethical 18K gold and conflict-free diamonds as design work while adhering to our unique "Five Promises."

Ultimate simplicity, solid appearance, and classical essence.

Because it is something we will share with each other for a lifetime, we are looking for something that has intrinsic value and creates a sustainable cycle.

beauty is cyclical


Ethical Materials

Minerals that are mined using ethical methods*, that are considerate of human rights and the working environment, and that do not pollute the environment. We hope for a fair world based on the earth's blessings.

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We use Japanese craftsmanship techniques to create exciting works of art, with a focus on one-of-a-kind items. We also value the continued transmission of technology.

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We work together with like-minded artists and non-profit organizations to develop charity jewelry. We are contributing to a more sustainable world.

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Harmony with the Earth Beauty is cyclical

Clouds grow, rain falls, the soil gets wet, flowers bloom, and fruits grow. The lives of insects, birds, and animals circulate. Humans are also part of the life of the earth. Minerals existing on the earth do not increase or decrease. Connected with the natural world, and with its life, it will eventually travel through the ages.

five promises

Five Promises

We operate our brand by thoroughly pursuing what is truly necessary for the circulation of beauty and what is comfortable for us.

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Fairmined Gold

We are the first ethical jewelry brand in Japan to use Fairmined certified gold mined in small-scale mines affiliated with the international NGO Alliance for Responsible Mining in 2013.

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Ethical Diamond

We create jewelry from environmentally friendly diamonds mined using modern methods in Canadian mines.

We provide conflict-free diamonds that are completely free from child labor and forced labor.

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Home Try Kit

A wedding/engagement ring that will last a lifetime

We offer services that you can try at home.

The efficiency of mass production and the fashion of the times are not matched by the craftsmanship of each piece.

We also deliver wedding and engagement rings that give you a fair sense of the earth's blessings.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Minerals that the earth has cultivated over hundreds of millions of years are Breathed into life with traditional Japanese techniques, To the only one-of-a-kind wedding/engagement ring in the world.

Propose Diamond

For the proposal you envision

We deliver the highest quality diamonds with 100% transparency from loose sources. We will make proposals according to your budget based on the 4Cs, which are world standards.

*GIA Certificate / CDCC Certificate

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From 2023, R ETHICAL has moved its base from New York to Tokyo.

We have many meetings at a beautiful hotel where you can hear the chirping of birds even though it is located in the city center.

In addition, in an era where we can connect no matter where we are in the world, we are connecting with our customers in a new way through Zoom Call.



美しさの循環のために、本当に必要なものは何なのか、 私たちにとって心地よいものが何なのか、 徹底的に追求し、ブランド運営をしています。

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